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The Rookie Pitchers Guide
August  27, 2014
Part II - Chicago to Colorado
Some of these pitchers could turn into viable Strat commodities.
The Big RH TB Cards
August  25, 2014
Michael Brantley could turn into a
"must have" Strat card in next year's league play.

Adam Jones will be a monster on the LH columns.
Unbalanced Hitter Cards
August  25, 2014
Adam Jones and Josh Donaldson will have the worst
split differentials of any full-time hitter cards.

The Rookie Pitchers Guide
August  26, 2014
Part I - Arizona to Boston
Do they have what it takes to make it in the major leagues?
Good INT Cards
August  25, 2014
Getting the INT cards with good offense and
defense ratings/units puts you ahead of the game.
Disappointing Hitter Cards
August  25, 2014
Evan Longoria may end up as a LH-only
platoon for many Strat managers.


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