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High Risk Hitters
April 28, 2015
Too many hitter cards with this attribute can hurt your team.

MLB Rookie Review V
April 28, 2015
Rodon and Russell should go top 10 in most drafts.

The Kris Bryant Strat Projections
April 20, 2015
The RAA, wOBA, and RC-RA calculations in
comparison to the 2014 scores.

Strat Rookie Hockey Projections
April 20, 2015
Johnny Hockey has 40+ scoring chances.
Plus, we look at the top players from the Isles & Rangers.

MLB Rookie Review IV
April 20, 2015
Yasmany Tomas has big potential and some serious negatives

Strat-O-Matic Fielding Bible Spreadsheet
April 20, 2015
available through May 02, 2015

Catcher X-Chart
April 17, 2015
includes PB calculations
X-Chart pages are available through June 01, 2015.

Quick Hits - Early Hockey Card Projections
April 15, 2015
Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn will have 50+ scoring
chances on their 2014-15 cards.

MLB Rookie Review III
April 15, 2015
Devon Travis wants to be your Strat second baseman.

Pitcher X-Chart
April 15, 2015
X-Chart pages are available through June 01, 2015.


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X-Chart pages are available through June 01, 2015.

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