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Strat HK 2013-14 Player/Goalie Newcomers
July 24, 2014
List of player/goalie stats for the available 2013-14 rookies/free agents.


Updating the SOM Oldtimers Set
July 24, 2014
10 teams that deserve inclusion in an expanded release.

Our Favorite 2013 Quarterback Cards
July 18, 2014
The Peyton Manning card will cause Stratsanity to its opponents.

Strat FB 1956 - Big Running Back Cards
July 14, 2014
Lenny Moore has explosive guessed wrong column averages.

A Look at the Strat FB 1956 Quarterbacks
July 12, 2014
The Johnny Unitas rookie card ranks #3 in the set.

Strat FB 2013 Card Analysis
Running Backs

Running Back REC Columns
Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

SOM BB Mid-Season Card Projection Spreadsheet
July 05, 2014

NL Hitters at the Break
July 03, 2014
We take a look at what might be shaping up in the 2014 set.

AL Hitters Mid-Term Review
June 26, 2014
We take a look at what might be shaping up in the 2014 set.
15 hitter cards have 2,500+ OB*TB units.


Analyzing the Hitter Prospects
July 19, 2014
We look at Joey Gallo and identify his strengths and weaknesses.

Think Strat, Not MLB
July 18, 2014
The Strat card is different than the major/minor league numbers.

MLB Rookie Review XIV
July 18, 2014
Domingo Santana is probably overrated in your Strat draft.

Improving Card Value
July 16, 2014
Michael Brantley could have strong RH column value in the 2014 set.

Hitter Card Decliners
July 14, 2014
Big names from 2013 slip way back in the 2014 positional rankings.

Outfield & Pitchers Value Declines
July 15, 2014
Does Matt Holliday still have strong keeper value?

Coming of Age
July 08, 2014
5 hitters look primed for an increase in future draft league value.

Strat MLB Prospect Evaluation
MLB Rookie Review XIII
MLB Rookie Review XII
MLB Rookie Review XI

Winning Your Draft League Series
How To Win With Mediocre Pitching
How To Win At Strat Baseball
How To Lose At Strat Baseball



Strat FB 2013 Card Analysis
QB Card Changes
RB and REC Card Changes

Strat FB 2013 Rookie Review
AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West
NFC East
NFC North
NFC South
NFC West

Strat FB 2013 Defense Projections
AFC Pass Defense - Run Defense - NFC Pass Defense


Winning at SOM Football
June 06, 2014
Win at SOM Football, Enhance the Fun Factor

More Strat Football 2013 Projections
Strat FB 2013 QB Projections
QB Guessed Right Yards Projection
Offensive Lineman 7/6 Projections
Defensive 6 Projections
AFC Running Backs
NFC Running Backs
AFC Receiver

NFC Receivers
Strat FB 2013 Projections Spreadsheet




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