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Evaluating Second Base Cards
July 23, 2016
What can make or break a card

New SP Card Studs?
July 23, 2016
Hellickson, Wisler, & DeSclafani

Laurie's Baseball Daily File
July 20, 2016
Download, rename file .zip to .lzp, import to cdrombb
Red Sox on pace for 108 wins.
Big Papi chasing Triple Crown.

Ortiz vs. Pujols vs. A-Rod
July 19, 2016
Who's better? Season, Peak, Career.

Next Year's First Round
July 18, 2016
A paradise for rebuilding teams.

MLB Rookie Review XI
July 18, 2016
Carson Fulmer could end up
as a steal in the second round.

High Risk Keeper Cards
July 18, 2016
The power might look attractive
but there are areas of concern.

SOMFB 2016 Yardage File
July 18, 2016
Total column yards based on guessed right percentage.

Strat 2016 Hitter Card All-Stars
July 09, 2016
Manny Machado is 3,000+ OB*TB on both sides

At The Break Advanced Spreadsheet
July 09, 2016
Advanced L/R splits for Hitter & SP cards

MLB Rookie Review X
July 09, 2016
Tyler Glasnow could be the
next "it" Strat pitcher.


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