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Advanced RC-RA Projections - Version 2
December 15, 2017
RC-RA scores for all primary and secondary players
Only 20 shortstops with a plus RC-RA


Draft Guide begins Saturday!!!

Early Draft Day Analysis
December 05, 2017
Who's locked in and who fluctuates.

SOMWORLD 2017 Draft Grid
December 05, 2017
Draft 3 - Victor Robles on the board.

Top 30 Reliever Cards
November 21, 2017
New heroes are ready for Strat bullpen duty.

Strat BB 2017 Projected Rotation Chart
November 20, 2017
Michael Fulmer is a staff ace in 24+ team
but a 3 in the smaller 12-team leagues.

Top Rookie/Free Agent Hitters (30-1)
November 19, 2017
Rafael Devers chases Strat greatness.
5 shortstops might go in the first round.

Top Rookie/Free Agent Hitters (60-31)
November 16, 2017
Anthony Alford is a sleeper for the middle rounds.
Catchers and outfielders for everyone.

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Early Draft Steals and Deals
December 11, 2017
Lots of talent left on the board in the fourth round.

Strat BB 2017 Files
SOMWORLD 2017 Advanced L/R Projections
UTA 2017 Advanced L/R Projections
SOMWORLD Advanced Fielding Projections
SOMWORLD Advanced RC-RA Projections
MLB 2017 Advanced Statistics
SOMWORLD 2017 Draft Grid
Strat BB 2017 Basic Game File

Platoon Combo Ideas
December 03, 2017
Nail the platoon and gain the advantage.

Top 60 Rookie/Free Agent Pitchers (30-1)
November 09, 2017
Can't go wrong with the top 8 pitchers in this draft.

Top 60 Rookie/Free Agent Pitchers (60-31)
November 09, 2017
Not a good list for those wanting current value help.

SOMWORLD 2017 RC-RA Projections
Right Field
Center Field
Left Field
Third Base
Second Base
First Base


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