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Our Mid-Season Keeper Favorites
July 01, 2015
Staff picks for keeper leagues.

Steps to Strat Greatness
July 01, 2015
Strategy tips for the general gamer.

2015 - The Year of the Rookie
July 01, 2015
The top 10 could be incredible.

Strat FB 2015 - QB Combined Yards
July 01, 2015
Aaron Rodgers will Discount Double Check defenses.

Strat FB 2015 - RB Combined Yards
July 01, 2015
Lamar Miller is ready for Strat card stardom.

MLB Rookie Review XIII
June 30, 2015
The Hulk can help your lineup.

My 2015 All Stars
June 30, 2015
Altman breaks it down by position.

Looking Back at the 2012 Draft
June 30, 2015
4 of the top 6 picks have experienced considerable DL time.

MLB Rookie Review XII
June 30, 2015
Of Matz and Meyer



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Strat FB 2015 Projections Spreadsheet
June 04, 2015

Laurie's Favorite Baseball Books
June 04, 2015
From Rogues and Boneheads to the Burning of the Bronx


Strat FB 2014
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Fun at Shortstop
June 22, 2015
There's a new Strat sheriff at the position.

Frazier vs. Donaldson
June 18, 2015
Who's the king at third base?

Pitcher Valuation Changes
June 18, 2015
A few of the 30+ age pitchers might end
up with good Strat cards in the 2015 set.

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