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Draft Day Yes or No Pitchers
January 28, 2015
Roenis Elias, Andrew Heaney, or Kyle Hendricks
Who works best in Strat draft leagues?

Top 40 Reliever Cards
January 29, 2015
Part 1 of the SOMWORLD 2014 Players Guide
The best of the position and some problematic cards. PDF

Ranking the 198+ IP SP Cards
January 28, 2015
Cards that look good at the top of the rotation.
Cards that probably shouldn't be in the rotation at all.

Top 50 RC-RA Cards
January 27, 2015
Get these hitters and win your league.
These are the cards that will get you to the post-season.
The best offense + defense cards for draft leagues.

Ranking the RP1 Cards
January 28, 2015
Andrew Miller is set for draft league domination.

Ranking the Lower IP RP1 Cards
January 28, 2015
Ken Giles has one of the better RP cards in the set.

Ranking the RP2-RP4 Cards
January 27, 2015
Dellin Betances, Aaron Sanchez, and Fernando Abad dominate the group.

Revised - Ranking the Closer Cards
January 27, 2015
Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrel are 650 OB*TB units better than the position average.

2014 Official RC-RA Spreadsheet
January 26, 2015
RC-RA scores for all primary & secondary positions
including revisions for Manny Machado

The Over/Under Spreadsheet
January 25, 2015
The players that could end up a lot
better and a lot worse in draft leagues.

Shortstop RC-RA
January 24, 2015
Only 19 SS cards have positive RC-RA value.

Shortstop Over/Under
January 23, 2015
Escobar and
Aybar owners get a boost.
Rollins and Desmond may come up short.

Potential Draft League Decliners
January 23, 2015
Cards with a good probability for
not matching real life statistical outcomes.

The Second Round SP Cards
January 23, 2015
9 starters are going in the second round.
How many of them will have an impact in keeper leagues?

Potential Draft League Surgers
January 23, 2015
Cards with a good probability for
exceeding expectations in draft league play.

St. Louis BP Spreadsheet
January 23, 2015
for Strat Dan
Hitter & Pitcher card values for 2014 St. Louis

Strat BB 2014 Final RC-RA Scores
First Base RC-RA
First Base Over/Under
Second Base RC-RA
Second Base Over/Under

Third Base RC-RA
Third Base Over/Under
Left Field RC-RA

Left Field Over/Under
Center Field RC-RA
Center Field Over/Under
Right Field RC-RA
Right Field Over/Under

Catcher RC-RA
Catcher Cards - Over/Under

Ballpark Ratings Guides
Colorado BP Spreadsheet
San Francisco BP Spreadsheet
Sleepless in Seattle - Pitchers
Sleepless in Seattle - Hitters

Order Somworld Today!!!

SOMWORLD 2014 Draft Grid
January 20, 2015
3 new rookie drafts, 13 drafts in all

Rookie Pitcher Draft Spreadsheet
January 22, 2015
includes card averages, units, and Necro values
based on draft league ballpark conditions.

SOMWORLD 2014 Draft Guide
Rookies 1-20
Rookies 21-40
Rookies 41-60
Rookies 61-80
Rookies 81-100
Current Value Draft Sheet
Top 50 AL Rookies
Top 50 NL Rookies

MLB Rookie Review by Team

Chicago (A)
Kansas City
Los Angeles (A)
New York (A)
Tampa Bay
Chicago (N)
Los Angeles (N)
New York (N)
San Diego
San Francisco
St. Louis

Draft Board Movers & Shakers
January 20, 2015
Who goes where in the first round

Draft League Domination
January 17, 2015
Think Strat and Win!

On Collin McHugh
January 14, 2015
One Hit Wonder or Keeper?

On Javier Baez
January 12, 2015
Can he turn into
a more selective hitter?

On Billy Hamilton
January 11, 2015
includes a chart for
projecting SOM hitter performance.




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