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2014 Advanced Projections now loaded in the Necromancer


Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Milwaukee
October 24, 2014
Jimmy Nelson makes a case for rotation viability.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Pittsburgh
October 24, 2014
Can Brandon Cumpton do it in Strat leagues?

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - St. Louis
October 24, 2014
Is Kolten Wong good enough in Strat?

Advanced Hitter Card Projections Spreadsheet
October 23, 2014
"Official" spreadsheet with Advanced L/R Stats, Card Projections, RC-RA

Advanced Second Base Projections
October 23, 2014
There is limited quality at the position in the 2014 set.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Chicago (N)
October 23, 2014
Jorge Soler is one of the better choices in the draft.

Top 30 Reliever Cards

October 23, 2014
Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrell have the best cards.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Cincinnati
October 23, 2014
Billy Hamilton is overrated in Strat without a better batting average level.

NL East Rookie Summary
October 22, 2014
2 rookies out of this division could have big results down the road.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Washington
October 22, 2014
Steven Souza is a great sleeper pick.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Philadephia
October 22, 2014
Maikel Franco has keeper league potential.

Advanced Left Field Projections
October 21, 2014
Christian Yelich is a 40/40 OB card on both sides.
Brett Gardner will not be as strong as expected in draft leagues.

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Miami
October 21, 2014
How high do you go on Andrew Heaney?

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - Atlanta
October 21, 2014
Is Tommy La Stella part of your future?

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review - New York (N)
October 21, 2014
Jacob DeGrom is a big move for the upcoming draft.

NL West Rookie Summary
October 20, 2014
We recommend 5 cards out of the division.

Advanced RC-RA Spreadsheet
October 15, 2014
Advanced Hitter Stats added.
Runs Created and Runs Allowed based on
hitter card projections and the X-Chart range and error.

Advanced Pitcher Projections Spreadsheet (version 2)
October 12, 2014
includes L/R splits for 687 pitchers

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Strat BB 2014 Advanced Card Projections

First Base
Third Base
Center Field
Right Field

Strat BB 2014 Spreadsheets
Advanced Hitter Projections (plus RC-RA)
Advanced Pitcher Projections

Basic Card Projections
Basic Pitcher Stats
Basic Hitter Stats

Strat BB 2014 Rookie Review
Los Angeles (N)
San Diego
San Francisco

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AL Rookie Hitters - First Impressions
AL Rookie Pitchers - First Impressions
NL Rookie Hitters - First Impressions

NL Rookie Pitchers - First Impressions

October 2014 Articles
Strat BB 2014 - SP Projections (140+ IP)
First Draft is Underway

Strat Draft

With Strat Draft you can conduct nearly any type of
draft that you are used to, plus many more.

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